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Thrift Store Donation Pickup Request

Personal data that are recorded by us based on the use of our website or due to a notification from you are processed with great care. We take technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data and such personal data are only saved and/or processed within the indicated intended use.

Hinds Hospice Thrift Stores rely on community donations to remain operational, and every donation helps. We accept most gently used items that are in working and usable condition. Items that are in need of repair or refurbishment cannot be accepted. If you are unsure whether your donation is acceptable or not, simply give us a call or visit a store. The following items cannot be accepted for donation:

  • Furniture that is broken, torn, stained, scratched, or showing excessive wear
  • Personal Care Items, Cosmetics, Food, or Beverages
  • Batteries, Chemicals, and Cleaners of any kind
  • Medications, Medical Devices or Machines, and Oxygen Tanks
  • Vehicles, Boats, and Pianos
  • Mattresses, Box-Springs, Bean Bag Chairs, and Car Seats
  • Fuels, Oils, Auto Parts, and Tires
  • Building & Construction Supplies
  • Weapons and Ammunition
  • Fireworks and/or Explosives
  • Stores can also accept donations directly during their drop-off hours.

Hinds Hospice Thrift Store Pick Up Form

Hinds Hospice can pick up many items for donation. For staff safety and logistical reasons, some restrictions apply.
Please see the list at the top of this page. We will respond to your request within 48 hours.