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Hinds Hospice is a nonprofit, community-supported agency that provides comprehensive palliative care and hospice services to individuals who have been diagnosed with a chronic or serious illness.
We care for patients with any diagnosis, at any age, including pediatric and perinatal patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

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For immediate information regarding admissions & referrals,
please call our Intake Department at (559) 317-6010

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Is it time to make a referral?

The following criteria may help determine whether a patient needs our help. Contact the Hinds Hospice Referral Team if the patient:

  • May not survive past six months
  • Is seriously ill and pain management is needed
  • Has more than one chronic condition
  • Has been admitted to the ER/hospital several times within six months
  • Is facing difficult conversations regarding end-of-life decisions

If you are supporting the caregiver, the following questions may help determine if assistance from Hinds Hospice is needed:

  • How many hours are spent caregiving?
  • Is the amount of care provided overwhelming?
  • Is the caregiver getting help from friends and family members?
  • Has the caregiver been ill recently?
  • Is the caregiver irritable, or experiencing sleep issues?
  • Is the situation taking a toll on family life or job performance?
  • Is it causing the caregiver financial strain?
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